Rules Applying to Passengers with Special Needs (disabled, sick, etc.)

Passengers with special needs (the physically disabled, mentally challenged, passengers with limited mobility due to age, sickness or other reason), depending upon the nature of their need, may not be accepted on board the aircraft without the presence of an accompanying companion. For transport in the cargo hold, wheelchairs may have non-spillable batteries, dry batteries, or non-spillable wet batteries and battery connections should be cut and carried safely attached to the wheelchair, poles insulated. Wheelchairs with unsealed and spillable batteries will not be permitted on the aircraft. If the wheelchair cannot be stored on board upright or cannot be secured and then cannot be taken off the aircraft, the battery must be loaded separately. To avoid soiling or abrasions of the battery during transport, it must be carried in a plastic container or box. Sick passengers or those with special needs may be accepted on board the aircraft only with a doctor's report or a health report provided by the airport physician. Apart from the above, persons with contagious/pathogenic diseases (open tuberculosis, contagious hepatitis, scarlet fever, diphtheria, smallpox, etc.), or who have suffered a heart attack or stroke in the last 8 weeks, anyone who is not permitted to board an aircraft for any other reason, those who are dependent upon medical equipment running on air pressure or electricity, or on electrical devices supported by oxygen, persons who are users of narcotics or under the influence of alcohol, and any other person who may constitute a hazard to aircraft safety shall not be permitted on board the aircraft.

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